• Hello Families,

    This is information about Mrs. Domalavage and Mrs. Brady's Pre-K classroom. 

    We miss having everyone in class, and hope that you are all healthy and doing well!
    I will be sending individual emails to everyone to let you know what to work on with your child.

    I am working on creating packets that you will be able to come pick up if you would like. I will have more information about this in the email I will be sending.

    As we find out information that pertains to Pre-K, I will update information here.



    We look forward to having you back in class as soon as we are able to flower  !


    PACKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY MORNING!  EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN GOODY BAGS!! It would be best to pick them up early because there are goodies that will melt.