Most importantly, I hope everyone is healthy.  I want you to know that I realize this is a crazy time  and I want to make this as convenient as possible.  I do not know if we will restart classes in April, but either way I will continue working with you and your children to provide education.  

    I want to make some activities to send home that your child can do with you or siblings to practice reading, writing and math. I plan on going to school next week and collecting supplies to send home again for another couple of weeks.  

    I am training to learn how to create video conferences with your children and if you do not have internet, please call spectrum because I understand they are going to offer free temporary services. I will be trying to figure out ways to reach out to everyone regardless of technology. 

    Our curricullum is offering a new online version for reading.  I have signed up for this and will share information as soon as I get it.  Also, keep in mind your child can access MYON, iready reading and math by signing into their desktop and clicking the appropriate icons. I will also assign lessons for ABC mouse so there are lots of options available.

    In addition to online opportunites, I will gather paper packets and activities for you however these will not be returned due to health concerns.  If it is possible to take pictures and send them in via text or email-that's another option.

    Remember, I know this is a stressful time.  We want to help and are flexible to meet your needs. Please check your child's email for updates.  I will send a text to inform you when I update the emails.  I have heard back from most of you today.  Thank you for your support and take care of each other!

    Mrs. Carlson