Ms. Caldwell

    Building 14 Room 5




    This year we will be covering grade level subjects for language, science, and social studies. Class time will be taken up with direct instruction, computer work, and other activities. We will be following the Focus calendar which Marion County has set up to cover all the standards necessary for success on the FSA. This year there will be focus calendar tests in science as well as in language and math.




    The grading scale is as follows:

              100-90       =        A

              89-80         =        B

              79-70         =        C

              69-60         =        D

              59-0           =        F



    Students must master the concepts on their grade level. The following weights will apply in each categories.

    Homework 10%

    Classwork/Quizzes/ FCAs 40%

    Tests/Projects/Presentations   50%






    Students will come in and prepare themselves for class. Class is direct instruction with hands on activities and use with computers and other technology. Students are able to go to the bathroom when there is no direct instruction going on. Students have a chance to get exercise although not on a regular basis. Students have access to the media center to check out books.




    Students are expected to have paper and pencil for each class.

    I expect each student to respect each other and materials.

    I expect each student to work in the class and finish any work at home.




    Daily assignments will be written in a notebook to be used as the planner however it will not be provided by the school.

    They will be writing in dates for tests, due homework, special activities and project dates. Planners will be needed to use for hall passes and for notes between parents and teacher.


    Parent Portal

              Assignments and grades can be accessed through the parent portal. Interim reports will no longer be printed but can be accessed through the parent portal.


    School can be fun and challenging as we enter a new year at Fort McCoy. I am excited and looking forward to a new year.