• Language Arts

    Our focus this year in Language Arts will be on writing improvement and reading comprehension and fluency. We will read a variety of texts.  Students will be responsible for reading independently each night. We will focus on the Six Traits of Writing to improve our writing skills.



    Social Studies 

    The focus in Social Studies will be on our state - Florida - past, present, and future. 


    We will be creating interactive notebooks/journals and working on several projects in each subject this year.  Specific details on projects will be sent home prior to the assignments. 

    Students will take state assessments in Reading, Writing, and Math.  Other assessments, such as Benchmark tests and Unit tests, will also be given as in the past.


    Attendance is extremely important! Even though students have the opportunity to make up missed assignments, they will miss important class discussions, activities, and presentations.

    We will have P.E. every day.  Students must wear tennis shoes in order to participate.

    We will have Music and Art 1 day a week each.