• 6th Grade World History

    Description: 6th Grade World History is designed to give students a general overview of the ancient civilizations and their impact on our present day life.  We will be starting with pre-historic man and looking at the major early civilizations of Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Mesoamericans.


    • I expect students to get to class on time.

    • I expect students to put forward their best effort and try to learn the material.

    • I expect students to be on their best behavior.

    • I expect students to have their own pencil and paper every day.

    • I expect students to be respectful of the other people in the classroom, even when they disagree with them

    My Goals:

    • I will strive to treat all students fairly, providing students with the assistance they need to be successful.

    • I will strive to have thoughtful lessons prepared each day.

    • I will strive to be FIRM, FAIR, and CONSISTENT in classroom management.

    • I will strive to communicate regularly with parents through telephone, email, and my class webpage.

    Grading Methods: All assignments are worth 100 points, but each assignment is part of a category, and the categories are weighted differently in the final grade calculation.

    • Homework: 10%

    • Classwork/Quizzes/Reading Writing Assessments/Notebook: 50%

    • Tests/Projects/Presentations: 40%

    Homework: There will be two homework assignments per week. Homework is assigned on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is due the next class day. Late work will be accepted, but only for 60% credit if it is done correctly. Homework turned in late and not done correctly, will not count. In many cases students will be given the opportunity to redo a homework assignment.

    Contact Information:

    Textbook Information:

    • Title: World History: Ancient Civilizations.

    • Cost: $90.00

    • Policy: each student will receive a textbook to keep at home. A class set of books will be available at school for daily use.

    • Each student will also have access to an online version of the textbook that includes video clips and other multimedia material to help them learn the concepts.