• In the Environmental Class you will be learning hands on science and social studies.  The class goes to the Silver Springs State Park during the week and learns about the enviornment and the history behind the land and all it has to offer.  The students in this class must be good readers and be excited to learn about everything around them.  They must be dedicated to being at school everyday so they don't miss any exciting acitivies that are planned every week.  

    The Ocali Country Days and the Prehistoric Knap-In are a big part of the class.  The students in the class will work closely with the park rangers and facilitators during these field trip days.  During the Ocali Days all the children wear the 1800's clothing to the park and help with the tours of the buildings in the "Cracker" village.  

    I hope you are one of the students that get to experience the park with Mrs. Sexton.