• During this time of Distance Learning be sure to:

    *Complete your I-Ready assignments which can be found on your portal on Marionschools.net
    45 minutes of Math each week. 
    45 minutes of Reading each week. 
    These lessons are very important. Be sure to pay close attention.  Do your best and parents be sure your child is passing lessons. Small incentives for passed lessons and 100% quizzes may help.                                             3 Reading Assignments, 3 Math Assignments, 1 Social Studies and 1 Science Assignment on the Assignments page of my website.  These assignments need to be sent to me by email.  They will be used for attendance purposes and grades.

    *The county is asking that you read 20 minutes a day. MyOn is a great resource on your portal.  Reading out loud at this stage of Reading makes a huge difference.


    *I will be using the Zoom ICloud Meeting app for our class.  This app can be found on your App Store or Google Play. I will be sending you a Zoom Meeting invite over email Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings around10:15 for an 11:00 meeting. You may want to practice on this app before Wednesday with anyone who is willing.  I've had 3 Zoom Meetings with my daughter to practice.  I miss all of you and I can't wait to see you on Wednesday! 


    *Supplies to collect. DO NOT GO OUT TO PURCHASE ANY OF THESE SUPPLIES!  Get creative and use only things you have at home. I'm not picky about any of this. 
    -Pencil and eraser (anything to write with). 
    -Paper for writing. 
    -Paper that could be used for a journal:folded papers, a spiral notebook. 
    -A small dry erase board or chalkboard or anything you can write responses to questions on. Paper is fine for this too. 
    -A quiet, possible desk and chair space to work and set up device on to save the work you have completed.


    *More information will be coming as soon as I get it. New things are evolving every day. Keep checking this page for updates and eventually all assignments. Don't stress about any of this. We'll figure it out together. Just be patient. It will all work out.  You can always email me at karen.cowan@marion.k12.fl.us or by phone 352-537-8307 from 11-12 or 1-2, you can also leave a message any time.