• Thank you for checking in daily.  You have work to do every day.

    Iready Reading: 15 minutes daily. 

    Iready Math: 15 minutes daily

    Silent reading: 20 minutes daily.  Read alone or read aloud to someone.  Students should be working on a chapter book.  They can utilize Myon on their student desktop.  Just make sure the books are on their reading level.

    Math facts: 10 minutes daily-work on fluency of addition, subtraction or multiplication.  I have attached some fluency sheets to use as guidance.  Students know what fact they are working on.  addition fluency facts  subtraction fluency facts  multiplication fluency facts

    Prodigy math: 15 minutes daily.  If our class logs on about the same time daily, they can see their virtual friends from class. Try logging on to Prodigy at 9am daily, if that works for you.  If you need your child's login information, please email me.  The email link is under the faculty and staff tab at the top of the webpage. 

    Writing:  Begin a writing journal.  Students should write and draw about their daily activities during this time.