• Reading:  Students will be using the Wonders Reading resources in class.  On occasion books may be sent home with an assignment and are to be returned within a day.

    Math:  Go Math will be the publisher we will be using.  Students will be working out of a workbook in class as well as hands on centers.  Homework practice pages will be part of the homework packet

    Spelling:  Students will be using words from the Wonders reading series and will be given a BINGO choice board for practice at home.  Spelling tests will usually occur on Fridays.

    Writing:  Students will be introduced to Narrative, Informational, and Opinion writing this year.  It is encouraged that you have your child learn to explain things that happen with details and emotions so that when it comes to writing they turn their verbal skills into a written form.

    Science:  I am a great advocate for science.  Students will be journaling experiments and investigations in class.  Pictures will be sent home via Class Dojo so that you know what we have been up to.

    Social Studies:  Students will be studying our community and workers in our community, our local and national history, as well as the geographic location of places on maps and in written format.