Admission Information

  • Belleview High School Cambridge AICE Program Admissions Information:

    Admission to BHS Cambridge AICE Program courses will be based on the following:

    1. Middle school curriculum / courses taken
    2. Middle school grades / grade point average
    3. FSA Reading & Mathematics / other standardized test scores
    4. Attendance and Discipline Records
    5. Teacher Recommendations are used in certain circumstances


    The Cambridge AICE Program at Belleview High School is a magnet program. This allows us to accept qualified students from outside of the BHS attendance zone. Please do not confuse this with "school of choice" - that does not have anything to do with magnet programs.


    If you have questions, you can review our AICE FAQs page or email Vanessa Baxley or Michael Losito.


    Link to 2021-22 Application (Please note, all applications are online only): (Open from....)


    Dates & Deadlines: 


    School Choice Live Chats (through Zoom): ..... - All are 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 


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    Physical School Tour Sign-Up (We will hold small group tours on select days to help control for the size of groups and safety of our students and staff.  If you are interested in a school tour, please fill out the survey below.  Tours will be held on select days from 1:40-3:00)



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    Cambridge AICE Diploma 

    Cambridge Qualifications proven to be good preparation for university studies in the US