• Click on the link Mrs. Briggs Google Classroom.  Click the + in the top right corner.  Then type in our Class Code.  code:  4tgfx6g

     If that doesn't work follow the directions below. 


    Directions on how to get to and join Google Classroom.


    1.  Log into your MCPS Desktop

    Log In


    2.  Click on Google Apps at the bottom of the desktop.

    Google apps


    3.  Click on Google Classroom

    Google Classroom


    4.  You have to click on Use Another Account

    another account

    5.  Type in your child's school email address.  firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net (ex:  john.smith@marionstudents.net)


    6.  Type in their password.  (It's the same password used to get into the MCPS Desktop)


    7.  Click on the + sign in the upper right hand corner.

    plus sign

    8.  Click on Join Class and enter our class code:  4tgfx6g