Veterans in the Classroom

  • A partnership between Marion County Public Schools and the Marion County Veterans Council.



    The program is designed to better acquaint public, parochial and private school students with military veterans and their service and experience in the United States of America military. The program is established in support of Florida Statute 1003.42



    As a volunteer, you may attend a training session and must complete and clear a background screening application. Veterans will be asked to complete a military service record which will be used to build a database including years of service, conflicts, experiences, and areas of speaking interest. This database will allow teachers to use your assistance in enhancing instructional opportunities.


    Veterans in the Classroom brings history to life by placing experienced military veterans directly before students in the classroom. Their personal experiences help students understand the importance of military service and build patriotism and respect for America. Special Lessons focus on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day as well as other dates of military significance. Veterans provide invaluable insight and first-hand knowledge of history that excites student learning. Veterans are an important part of our history and provide in-depth discussion on the impact history has on today’s world.



    The Marion County School District has been tasked by the State Legislature to emphasize patriotism and love of country as a part of the school curriculum. Marion County’s veterans serve as volunteers, helping teachers bring real-life military and patriotic service into the classroom.


    If you are a veteran and interested in participating in the Veterans in the Classroom Program, please print and fill out this application. To view/print the "Veterans in the Classroom Brochure", click here.