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    To get to your assignments, click on the box on the left that fits your class block number with 2019-2020 in front.  Once on that page, GO TO THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE AND CLICK ON THE WEEKLY AGENDA. Red print is always for students with technology to use.  Black print is for students doing work assigned with paper and pencil.  Links to other programs such as IXL, Moby Max, or videos are at the bottom of that page.


    I just added a google classroom question to answer.  (my first ever...please respond)  Google Class ID codes are found in the menu to the left.


    IXL is here.  Please see the announcement to the right.  No more being kicked off.  I will see scores.  Students will get emails showing their progress.


    Please remember to use your volume 1 textbook to help you understand the lesson.  If you can't find it, you have plenty of time now to search for it!  For my new students, you may text me and get a picture of the corresponding pages. Cell # 352-502-1319.


    Remember, this is a work in progress. Look often for new information.  Now that the distance learning has gotten well underway, please see the office hours listed in the menu to the left.

  • Great news! ixl is HERE NOW!!!  

    I just signed up for a 90 day free trial from ixl.  I entered all names, passwords and student email addresses.  You will have unlimited time and will get progress reports by email.  Some assignments will be given from here for students who have technology in the coming weeks.

    Username is yor first and last name followed by the number 138.  Your password is your lunch number.  For example, my username and password would look like this.

    maryzorich138  (username)

    123987  (password-lunch number)

    If you can't sign in, please email or text me soon so I can check out the problem before I give an assignment.

    I have a link attached on your 2019-2020 assignment page.  It's in the section just below your assignments

    Try it out!

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