• 8th Grade Physical Science

    Nature of Science - August/September

    Essential Questions   What is required to carry out a valid scientific investigation?

    • What is the purpose of a hypothesis... and how are hypotheses formed?
    • Why is it important to have only one test variable?
    • Why are precise measurements and accurate record keeping essential to scientific investigation?
    • Why is repetition important?


    Nature of Matter September/October

    Essential Question:  What determines the properties of matter?

    • What is 'Atomic Theory' and how has it changed over time?
    • What particles make up atoms? How are they similar and how are they different?
    • What is the relationship between the properties and behavior of atoms and the periodid table?

    Changes in matter October/November/December(End of first Semester)

    Essential question:  How can changes in matter be explained or predicted by their individual chemical and physical properties?

    • What happens to particles in substances during chemical changes... What happens during physical changes?
    • How does density affect the behavior of matter?
    • What happens to the mass of a substance when it goes through a chemical or physical change?
    • What are some different ways to measure the power of SOLUTIONS?

    Force and Motion    January

    Essential Questions: How does a combination of forces upon an object affect its motion?

    • How can graphs represent motion?
    • How do balanced and unbalanced forces affect an object's motion?
    • How do contact and noncontact forces interact with objects?
    • What is the relationship between the two factors in the Law of Universal Gravitation?

    Energy     February

    Essential Questions: How do we determine that energy exists in our everyday lives?

    • What is the relationship between potential and kinetic energy?
    • What are the various forms of energy and what are the similarities and differences among those forms?
    • What is hte role of energy transformation in the Law of Conservation of Energy?
    • How does heat flow affect the temperature of objects?



    Waves, Sound, and Light     March/April

    Essential Questions: what is the relationship between a wave's properties and its behavior?

    • How are electromagnetic and mechanical similar, and how are they different? (compare and contrast)
    • How does a wave's properties illustrate the energy of a wave?
    • How does the MEDIUM of travel affect the behavior of waves?
    • How do a wave's properties related to location on the electromagnetic spectrum?
    • What happens to light waves as they are absorbed, refracted, or reflected?
    • How do the properties of a sound wave changes as its pitch or volume changes?

    Review for FCAT  April

    Review for LEOCE  May