• 2017-2018 Units of Study:

    Quarter 1: Cells, Science Fair, Metric System, Microscopes


    Quarter 2: Nature of Science, Science Fair, Human Anatomy


    Quarter 3: Heredity and Reproduction, Diversity, and Evolution of Organisms


    Quarter 4: Interdependence, Cycles of Energy and Matter

    SUPPLIES NEEDED: 3 inch Binder (Blue), 1 Subject Notebook, pencils, pens, colored pencils

    Grading: Tests, Presentations and Projects 50%, Quizzes and Classwork 40%, and Homework 10%


    • No Talking during instruction time.
    • Be Respectful
    • No putdowns @ OMS
    • Stay in seat unless told OTHERWISE
    • Be positive 

    If students cannot follow classroom rules the following discipline procedures will be applied.

    • 1st Offense- Redirect
    • 2nd Offense- Warning
    • 3rd Offense- Phone call home/ Time out with another teacher
    • 4th Offense- Referral to the Dean of Discipline