• Pencils or Pens



    Grades are taken from:

    Daily bellwork                                                     Study guides and handouts  

    Classwork                                                            Vocabulary 

    Group projects                                                     Unit tests and End of Course exam                                  



    Grading Policy:  

            Grades will be based on points earned on tests, quizzes, activities, homework, and in-class assignments  

    Class work 50% Homework 10%Projects, Quizzes and Tests 40%    


    Grades can be access by the use of Parent Portal by student or parent!  Sign up through guidance!  

     Tests will always be announced at least two days in advance.  

     Projects will have a month in advance.   

                       Quizzes may or may not be announced.  



    No student will be permitted to jeopardize the group’s performance of an assigned task.  Any student who is repeatedly disruptive or who misuses class time/ materials will receive a zero and appropriate discipline. Students will get one warning and after that I will begin the process of a CIR (Classroom Intervention Report). After 3 written warnings (for the same type of offence) a referral will be issued.  


    Late and Make-Up Work:  

    In the event of an absence, it will be the student’s responsibility to ask and look for what work was missed.   

    It is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appropriate time to make up tests and/ or quizzes.  

    Any assignment not turned in will be given a grade of zero 


    Class Rules:  

    Be on time and prepared. Be respectful. Be willing.  

    Follow all directions and school rules.  

    NO EATING in class!  

           NO CELL PHONES: if caught with a cell phone in sight, student will be sent to discipline for it to be kept in locked storage till the end of the day. There will be times when I will allow them to be used for class, don’t lose that privilege by having your phone out unless I allow it. They aren’t necessary for my class though.   


    Materials needed for my class:  

    Binders have been provided to every student. In addition each student will need:   

    1. Pencils ***** Class donations appreciated
    2. Colored pencils 8-12 pack ***** Class donations appreciated  
    3. Loose leaf paper ***** Class donations appreciated 
    4. Composition notebook strictly for this class 80-100 page any style or color.  
    5. Additionally, if you would like to donate Clorox wipes and/ tissues it would be appreciated.      


    I will be available for planning each day from 2:35- 3:15 if you should have any further questions or concerns.  My best form of contact will be e-mail at the following address:    


    We are using Planbook.con this year schoolwide- follow the link to see the daily objectives (classwork) and homework.    


    KEY: Science


    Welcome science, let the learning begin!!  





    Mrs. Seaman