Daily Procedures


    1.      Pass out 3 by 5 cards to each student.
    2.      Open binder. Write down Pow +Wow (words of wisdom, pearls of wisdom) and vocabulary.
    3.      Make vocabulary flash cards.
    4.      5 minute “ study buddy” time
    5.      In your daily log:
    Write down there will be a quiz  Thursday /Friday. Make a note to study Mon –Wed. (In class study time will be used to study your flash cards, so you must bring them every time!)

    1.      Open binder. Copy+ date Pow Wow
    2.      5 minute “study buddy” time
    3.      Prepare for quiz

    Quiz procedure
    1.      Spread out
    2.      Fold your paper in half (long way.)
    3.      On the outside in the middle of the page write the following:
    A. Your name   B. The full date  C. Quiz #

    If this quiz is a retake indicate it is after the quiz #. There are only 3 (three) retakes allowed.

    4.Write down exactly what you see on the overhead and answer.

    5.When done fold paper and put down pen.

    6. All Tests & quizzes will be taken in blue or black PEN!!! Check your INK status!

    7.When instructed go back to original seat & exchange binders for grading.
    8. If you score less than an 80% get a parent signature on the quiz & you have 1 week to retake.

    If you are absent and need to make up the exam, you have until the end of the following week to complete all make-ups and retakes.

    Absent?-Assignments and instructions are located on Ms. Scott’s Website on the calendar also under assignments and in the 8th grade GOLDEN binder marked Health Occ I 2015   located in the classroom. You have one day for every day absent to make up your work, otherwise it will be docked 10 points for every day late until the following Friday. No work will be accepted after Friday

    I LOVE you too…..Ms. Scott