• Regular 6th and 7th Grade Math:

    Quarterly County Quizzes:

    They are revised/new this year, and are assigned and created at the district level. They will be given at the end of each quarter, and will count in the Quiz category.  For a breakdown schedule of topics assessed, please go to my homepage for the links.


    We will have in-class and out-of-class projects, one or two a quarter. Projects will be a real-world application of math skills taught. Projects will be in the same grading category as tests.


    Students are required to complete all missed work.  As well, it is the absent student’s responsibility to find out if there was graded class work turned in and/or if there was homework checked; and if so he/she needs to get those papers turned in as soon as possible. All grades from absences will be a 0 until the work has been completed and turned in.  If a quiz or test was missed due to an absence, it would be best for students to make arrangements to stay afterschool to make it up. Please check my website for the day’s assignment when absent. I suggest you go to the PearsonRealize (Digits) online etextbook resource through the student portal and review the day’s lesson/skill.  Afterwards, you should try to complete the class work and homework for the day to prevent falling behind in class.


    If you look on the parent or student portal, and the student has a zero percent for a graded assignment, he/she probably never turned it in. It needs to be completed and turned in within 5 days of the due date, or a zero will be calculated in the final report card grade per quarter.   Late assignments will not receive an A, and the letter grade goes down each day late after the due date.

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