Language Arts - Block 2

  • All missing Quarter 2 work is due Friday, 12/15/17. 


    Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts! In this class, students will learn and utilize reading strategies, tackle vocabulary, and complete various projects.  There will be four units of study throughout the year that will focus on various literary genres. These units are: Dealing with Disaster, Making Your Voice Heard, What Tales Tell, and Facing Fear. Each unit, usually completed in nine weeks, will include vocabulary development, decoding strategies, analysis of text structures, assessments, and writing performance tasks. 


    Agenda Planner - Students should purchase an agenda from OMS and will be required to write in it daily. This will keep students organized on current assignments and due dates. All assignments will also be posted on my webpage. 


    Supplies - Students should come prepared to class ready to learn each day. They need their binder, agenda, a book to silently read, notebook paper, and pencils. They will also need to transport their language arts textbook back and forth between home and school each day. 


    Grades - Grade composition will be as follows: Tests/Projects - 40%; Classwork - 50%; Homework - 10%. Grades will be updated weekly in the online gradebook for student and parent viewing. All assignments will have a specific due date. Student assignments that are late will be deducted by 10 points for each day that it is submitted late (with a total of 50 points deducted). If a student is absent for a test, they must arrange a time with me to make up the test before or after school. For missing classwork assignments due to absence, students will be given two additional days to complete the assignment and turn it in with no penalty for tardiness. 


    Twenty Book Challenge - This year, students will be challenged to read 20 books throughout the school year. Quarterly, students will be rewarded for every five books that they read. As a student reads a book, they will complete an index card with the book's title, author, genre, summary, and a written reflection. An outline of the program and an honesty pledge will be completed at the beginning of the school year.