• Syllabus

    Computer Applications in Business 1




    Course Description: This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends and to introduce students to the basic skills and foundations required for today’s business environments. We will be working with MS OFFICE 2016 and an online program called www.keyboardingonline.com. Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency with touch keyboarding, fundamental computer applications, and Internet basics so that they may be used as communication tools for enhancing personal and workplace proficiency in an information-based society.



    Supplies:                 2GB or larger flash drive.


    Expectations:          If your computer freezes or does something unusual, raise your hand and wait for help. Notify the teacher immediately if anything looks wrong at your workstation, i.e., any writing, drawing, or other marks on any equipment or books. All students will be expected to work diligent and always try yourself before asking a fellow student or teacher to do it for you. The most effective way to learn keyboarding and Office 2013 is hands on practice. Mistakes will happen and that is part of the learning in this class.


    Makeup Policy:        Students are responsible for all work assigned in class. Check the class website and or see me to see what you need to complete when you return. Also, refer to the school policy regarding make up work when absent.


    Assignments:       1st nine weeks - Proper Keyboarding Techniques, Word, Portal

    2nd nine weeks – PowerPoint, Career, Excel


    Tardiness:               Students must sign the tardy log when they enter class late.                    


    Scoring Categories: Tests/Projects 40%

                                 Quiz/Classwork 40%

                                 Foundation Skills 20%



    • A=      4.0     Outstanding Progress

    • B=      3.0     Above Average Progress

    • C=      2.0     Average Progress

    • D=      1.0      Lowest Acceptable Progress

      59 & below    F=      0.0     Failure