7th Grade Language Arts

    Mrs. McLemore



    Welcome to 7th grade! I am looking forward to being your teacher this year. The following is an overview of my classroom rules, procedures, and expectations for you to be successful in 7th grade Language Arts class this year.

    Agenda Planner- Students are required to copy from the board all class work and homework into their agenda planner daily. You will be given the first five min. after the bell rings to complete this start-up task. This is a great way for your parents to know what homework you have each day. Homework assignments can also be found on my webpage.

    Supplies- Each day, you MUST bring:

    • BRAVO binder- notebook paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils, and a library book.
    • Textbook- You are responsible for bringing your textbook to class every day. I do not have a class set and one will not be supplied for you.

    Library Books & OMS Reading Challenge:  

    School-Wide Reading Challenge: There is no AR this year! Our goal is for you to strive to read 20 books this school year. You are required to read at home nightly. Reading is a key component to your future success and the only way to become a better reader is PRACTICE by READING!! We will visit the library every two weeks. You will be given some independent reading time during our long blocks on Thursdays or Fridays. You are required to have your book in class every day!

    Meeting the challenge requirements:

    • Read the entire book
    • Complete an index card with the following information

    Front of index card:

    • Title of book- don’t forget….titles of books are underlined!!
    • Author’s first and last name
    • Genre
    • 3-4 sentence summary (what is the plot of the book?)

                 Back of index card:

    • Write a reflection
    • Discuss with me on a Thurs. or Fri only!!
    • I will collect the index card and place in the box for your block
    • After you have read 5 books you will earn a prize from the media center

    Grades- Please be responsible for YOUR class grade!! Parents signed up to use the portal may access your grades at any time as well. My grading categories are as follows:

    • Homework- 10%
    • Tests- 40%
    • Class work/Quizzes- 50%

    Homework- Vocabulary homework is assigned M-W with a spelling test/vocabulary test on Thurs. & Fri. The weekly homework is due on Thurs. or Fri. of each week that it is assigned.

    Makeup Work: Please contact me for makeup work immediately upon return from YOUR absence. Makeup work is YOUR responsibility.

    Classroom Rules:

    • Come to class prepared
    • Respect others and their property
    • Stay on task
    • Help and include others
    • Have a winning attitude

    Behavior Plan:

    • Redirect


    • Warning
    • Relocate to another classroom
    • Phone Call Home
    • Referral

    Please feel free to contact me anytime. You may email me (easiest and quickest way to reach me) or call with any questions or concerns. Please check my website regularly for assignments. I am excited to work with you this year and look forward to you being successful in 7th grade Language Arts this school year.

    Angie McLemore

    352-671-7100 xt. 56518