Welcome to Mr. Campbell’s 9th Grade Physical Science Class


    Grades            Grade Scale                             9 Weeks Grade

        A                  90-100                                   Homework 10%

        B                  80-89                                      Tests   40%

        C                  70-79                                     Classwork 50%

        D                  60-69

        F                   0-59


    Welcome to Mr. Campbell’s class! Students will be focusing on the 9th grade Science curriculum with a gifted twist that will incorporate an analytical approach to solving problems and learning about Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences.


    Intro’s                  We will complete “Intro” assignments on a daily basis. There are some exceptions such as: test days, labs, or other activities that need the entire class time. Intros are used to introduce the day’s material and get the students thinking about the day’s topic. Sometimes Intros are used to review some of yesterday’s material. Intros will be turned in on the day of the test. Intros are also counted towards the Bravo Notebook grade.


    Class work             Class work is given to learn a new topic or to help master a given skill. Class work is meant to be finished in class and turned in. On occasion I will let a student finish the assignment at home if I feel that the time was not sufficient in class or that a student struggled.


    Home work         Homework is given about once every week and sometimes once every two weeks. Home work is to reinforce what we have learned at school. It is my intension for homework to be another way to learn and help achieve mastery.


    Projects &

    Science Fair         As part of the advanced curriculum, students will be given some projects to complete. The project and presentation will count as two different grades. Students will present their projects in class and turn in the written component the same day. One of the projects this year will be Science Fair.


    Tests           Tests are given at the end of every chapter or group of chapters and cover the Sun Shine State Standards as well as the material for the Final Exam. Tests are usually around 35 multiple choice questions and will include written responses as well. Science tests don’t usually take the whole class period, but students will have the whole class period if necessary.


    Behavior              Appropriate Classroom Behavior includes, but is not limited to:


    • Students are in their assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.
    • Students are to remain quiet when the teacher is instructing the class and during individual work time.
    • Students should remain seated during class time and can only leave that seat with permission from the teacher.
    • Students may use the bathroom during pack-up time, during the Intro, or during individual work times such as a class work assignment.
    • Students are allowed to use the bathroom one at a time, as long as bathroom use does not become an every day occurrence.
    • All food, drinks, gum, and candy are not allowed in classroom unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
    • Cell phones are not to be visible or heard.
    • All students must sign out and sign back in when leaving and returning to the classroom.     
    • Absent                 Any student that is absent MUST make up their work in Science. To get their work I have an Absentee folder that contains their daily logs, Intro’s, Notes, and Homework for Science. If an absence occurs, students are expected to have the work made up in a timely manner.
    • Late Work           Late work will receive half credit until interims or report cards are given. After interims and report cards, late work will no longer be accepted and will be counted as a zero. Grade Info           Using the Family access or student portal, parents and students can check at any time to see the current grade. https://www.marionschools.net/site/default.aspx?PageID=1