• Welcome to the 6th grade! You are starting your first year of middle school and I am excited to be working with you. During the next 180 days, we will be establishing the important foundations for higher math, as we tie them to real world situations. You will be the problem solver, and this will be an exciting adventure!

    Mrs. Campagna’s Classroom Rules:
     Be prepared to learn every day.
     Follow directions the first time they are given.
     Respect the people, equipment and furnishings of the classroom.
     Raise your hand before you speak, do not interrupt when someone is speaking.
     No eating or drinking in the classroom during instructional time.
     No throwing objects of any kind.
     Positive attitude and good manners. Observe the rules in your student handbook.


    If you Choose to Break a Rule:

    1. A warning and a reminder.
    2. You will be sent out of my classroom to write “My Action Plan” to correct the situation.
    3. A phone call home.
    4. An administrative referral.


    Grading scale as mandated by District of Marion County based on letter grades and quality points:

    % Grade   Letter Grade    Quality Point
    90-100          = A           = 3.5 – 4.0
    80-89            = B           = 2.5 – 3.49
    70-79            = C           = 1.5 – 2.49
    60-69            = D           = 0.5 – 1.49
    0 -59             = F           = 0.0 – 0.49


    Categories and Weights

    10%   Homework

    40%   Class work/Quizzes/QSMA 

    50%   Tests/Projects  

    100%   Total


    Curriculum Map for 2018 - 2019 6th Grade Math


    Regular 6th Grade Math

    Unit 1 - Operations with Decimals

    Unit 2 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

    Unit 3- Ratios and Rates

    Unit 4 - Data Analysis

    Unit 5 - Expressions

    Unit 6 - Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 7 - Geometry

    Unit 8 - Integers and Rational Numbers

    Unit 9 Operations of Integers

    Unit 10 Algebraic Readiness (after FSA)



    District Assessments:

    iReady AP1 (8/14-8/31)

    QSMA 1 (10/1-10/12) Units 1 and 2

    QSMA 2 12/3 - 12/19) Units 1-4

    iReady AP2 (1/3 - 1/18)

    QSMA 3 (3/4 - 3/14) Units 1-6

    iReady AP 3 (4/22 - 5/24)

    FSA (5/1-5/24)


    Advanced 6th Grade Math

    Unit 1 - Operations with Decimals 

    Unit 2 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

    Unit 3 –  Ratios and Rates

    Unit 4 – Data Analysis

    Unit 5 – Integers and Rational Numbers

    Unit 6 – Operations of Integers and Rational Numbers

    Unit 7 - Expressions

    Unit 8 - One and Two Step Equations

    Unit 9 - Inequalities

    Unit 10 - Geometry

    Unit 11 - Proportional Relationships

    District Assessments:

    iReady AP1 (8/14-8/31)

    Quarterly 1 (10/1-10/12) Units 1-2

    Quarterly 2 (12/3 - 12/19) Units 1-5

    iReady AP2 (1/3 - 1/18)

    Quarterly 3 (3/4 - 3/14) Units 1-8

    iReady AP3 (4/22 - 5/24)

    FSA (5/1 - 5/14)


    Mrs. Campagna's Classroom Procedures

    Procedures are part of our life. There are procedures to be followed in Mrs. Campagna’s classroom, and these will establish our classroom culture.

    • Entering the classroom: Enter quietly. Greet Mrs. Campagna appropriately, and take your assigned seat.
    • Get to work immediately: Take out your homework, copy assignment in your planner and do Bell Work quietly.
    • Collecting assignment: Assignments will be collection on the due date.  Late assignments or anything that needs to be graded must be deposited in a brown tray.
    • When you are tardy:

    Tardy to school: you must report to the Guidance office first. 
    Tardy from other classes: you must have a tardy slip from the teacher.

    Remember!  Three tardies = 1 absence

    • Security: For a security reason, my room will be locked at all times. Leaving and entering my classroom, therefore, becomes a distraction while the class is in session. Therefore, use of the bathroom is limited to the first five and the last five minutes of a block (unless it is an emergency). Only one student is permitted to leave the classroom.  As much as possible, use the bathroom during the transitions between classes.
    • Leaving the classroom:

    Ask for permission from Mrs. Campagna when you need to leave her classroom.
    She must know where you are at all times during her period. 

    • Sign In/Sign Out Log Sheet: every time you leave my room, regardless of where you are going, you must fill in the destination and time of departure, and time of entry when you return.
    • Hall Pass: if you need to go to another teacher’s class, the Media Center, the Guidance Office, the Discipline Office, cafeteria etc., you must fill in a Hall Pass with your full name, destination and time. Bring me the Hall Pass for my signature. Sign in/sign out sheet must be entered. Hall pass must be visible while traveling to and from your destination. At the destination, obtain a signature and a departure time from the destination.
    • Office Pass : if you are called to the main office or if you need to go to the main office, I will hand you an Office Pass to carry with you.
    • Clinic Pass: if you need to see a school nurse, I will fill a clinic pass.
    • End-of-period class dismissal I will remind you to pack up a few minutes before the bell. Clean out your desk. You must be in your seat until the bell rings. The bell is for the teachers to know that it is the end of the period, and not for the students to walk out of the room. When the bell rings, stand up and push your chair in, then wait for the teacher to dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
    • Indicating whether you understand: Give me thumbs up or down. Don’t be bashful if you didn’t understand something. Chances are, others didn’t get it either. I will explain again. We cover many concepts in 6th grade math and therefore we move fast. It is vital that you fully understand the concept before we move to another.
    • Finding the assignments: Refer to your planner. What you copied from the board is the best source. Otherwise go to Mrs. Campagna’s website under Osceola Middle School, or find a reliable friend to tell you.
    • Student Corner: You should come prepared to my class; however, if you are in need of a pencil, a sheet of paper, scotch tape, a hole-puncher, or a stapler, you may borrow it from the Student Corner.  All items must be returned to the Student Corner at the end of your block.
    • Sharpening your pencil: Electric pencil sharpener is a distraction during instruction. Use it before the bell. You may use a hand-held pencil sharpener at any time when necessary – but no pencil shavings should be left in your desk!
    • When you are seated: You should be sitting up straight with both legs under your desk.
    • When you are absent: Check with your reliable friend or check my website for assignments and assessments schedules. You have one week to make up your work.
    • When a school wide announcement is made Freeze!! - Stop everything and listen to the announcement – It’s IMPORTANT!
    • If the classroom phone should ring I will pick up the phone, unless I request someone to take a message. My class will remain quiet. This shows respect for others who are on the phone.
    • Group Activities: In a small group, everyone must chip in. Let’s say one member of your group isn’t sure what to do. Do you just leave him in the dark or would you nicely let him know what to do? I know you will make the right choice.  Follow the TEAM Concensus poster in my room.
    • Keeping your binder organized: Keep all your math papers (notes, homework, class work, quizzes and tests) organized in the math section of your binder until paper purging day. Purged paper should be kept at home in a separate binder. No graded papers should be thrown out.
    • When you need help or have a question to ask:  Do not call out. Raise your hand and wait to be called. Do not interrupt when someone is speaking. It’s simply good manners.
    • Going to the bathroom: Only one student is allowed to leave for bathroom at a time, and only during the first and last 5 minutes of the class (unless it’s an emergency). Sign out and enter the time on the log sheet and hang a bathroom pass around your neck. When you return, sign back in and return the pass. Strong recommendation: go to the bathroom between classes, you have 3 minutes.
    • School-wide Heading On the right top corner of the paper, write:

    Your full name: John Doe
    Complete date: August 18, 2018
    Block number: Block 3
    Assignment number: Page 123

    • When you finish early: Take out an AR (Accelerated Reader) book and read quietly. Do not disturb others – no fooling around.
    • Walking the hallway as a class: Absolute silence. Walk in a single file.
    • When visitors are in the classroom:  I trust that you will be in your best manners and behavior.
    • If the teacher is out of the classroom: Do not enter the classroom if I am not there. Line up, single file, outside along the wall. Remember you are in the hallway, so NO Talking. Wait for Mrs. Campagna or another teacher to arrive.
    • Feeling ill: Tell me immediately if you start feeling sick. I will send you to the nurse with a pass so that she can help you.
    • Responding to a Fire Alarm: Exit the room, and use both stairs to go down and out in ASOLUTE silence. Absolute silence continues outside, until we are lined up in a designated area #42 on the field. Absolute silence means NO TALKING to anyone. Once lined up on the field, I will call your name to make sure that you are there.
    • Responding to code Red

    Follow teacher’s instructions

    Everyone will sit on the first floor along the wall away from the windows.

    Blinds closed, lights off and doors locked.

    Remain on the floor and absolutely no talking, until all clear sign is given. 

    • Responding to code Yellow

    Follow teacher’s instructions
    Doors will be locked.
    Normal class instruction continues.
    No student will be allowed to leave the room until the all clear sign is given.

    • Severe Weather 

    Follow teacher’s instructions
    My class will go down to the first floor hallway.
    Students will take the “safe position” without talking until the all clear signal is given.

    • A substitute teacher: The same respect that you give to me must be given to the substitute teacher. I want to hear a report that my students are most hard-working and well behaved. Substitute teachers are not here to baby sit you. They are here on my behalf so that your work is not interrupted by my absence.
    • Good manners: Always be kind and courteous to each other. Respect yourself and the others.  Foul language is not permitted in my classroom.
    • Mistakes: Don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, even the teachers do. Sometimes, you will learn more from your mistakes if you understand what you did wrong so that you won't make the same mistake again. 
    • Your belongings must be stored either under your chair or inside your assigned desk. Everything must be taken with you when you leave the classroom, including trash. 
    • Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices Cell phones and all electronic devices must be turned off as soon as you step on to the school campus. They will stay turned off and out of sight until your last class of the day has ended, and you are out of the building.
    • Grooming: No hair brushing or combing, nor make-up applications is allowed during class time.
    • Food in classroom:  No eating in my classroom. If you have any kind of food (candies, cupcakes, cookies etc) in possession, please put it away in your backpack prior to entering my classroom. If the food is in your mouth, finish it in the hallway before you enter my classroom or discard it in a trash bin as you enter.
    • Follow school wide Rules and Procedures in the Student Handbook

     Looking forward to a great 2018-2019 school year!