• Welcome to the Physical Education page.


    Below I am going to give you a short outline of what my students can expect in this class.


    My goal for you in each class is to provide a safe environment in which you can be social and active with your peers. If we can accomplish these three things in each class I think we will have an awesome year in P.E.. Along the way we will learn some terminology, activities, and movements that may help you develop a sense of the importance of staying physically active through out your life time.



    During the first week of school all of our physical education students will be meeting in the P.E.. classrooms. During this week we will be going over school wide/classroom expectations, learning the physical education facilities, and going over safety procedures such as fire drills and ALICE protocols.



    Locks and Lockers will be rented during the second week of school. For $3.00 locks and lockers can be rented for the year. This is an easy way in which your personal items can remain safe and secure while you are being active in our class or in one of our after school sports programs. It is expected that students secure their personal items during class.

    The Physical Education department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



    Monday August 26th will be the first day you will be expected to dress out. You are expected to change into: Athletic shorts (that meet dress code)

    t-shirt (Also must meet dress code) Shorts should be Blue or Black and shirts should be Gray or White. Students should also have closed toe athletic shoes. Some example of shoes that do not meet our class requirements are as follows : Deck (Boat) Shoes, Open toe sandals or flip flops, Boots, Any shoe with heels.


    On your shorts and shirts I ask that my students put their name on the tags at minimum so we can identify their clothes if and when they get lost.



    Your grade is broken into 3 different areas.

    2. QUIZ/TEST 20%




    1. Food , GUM, and or Candy are not permitted outside of the locker rooms for safety reasons
    2. Sportsmanship is a must
    3. Arrive on time and be prepared to participate
    4. Use appropriate Locker Room behavior ( I will go over and review those rules the first week of school they are also posted in the locker room)
    5. Only when a Dr.'s note is provided are you excused from dressing out. If you come to school not feeling good or with a note from home please communicate that with the teacher and your activity will be modified but you are still expected to dress out.
    6. Cell phones are to be left and secured in the locker rooms. Even if you choose not to dress out that day.
    7. Students who choose not to dress out are still expected to participate with the class and in the activity in which the class is doing.



    School Number 352-671-7100 or e-mail at william.beach@marion.k12.fl.us which can be found at the school website