• Welcome to the Physical Education page.


    Below is a short outline of what my students (your child) can expect in this class. There are new things that have been added  to keep your child as safe as possible while staying active in our class.


    My goal for you in each class is to provide a safe environment in which you can be social and active with your peers. If we can accomplish this in each class I think we will have an awesome year in P.E.. Along the way we will learn some terminology, activities, and movements that may help you develop a sense of the importance of staying physically active through out your life time.



    During the first week of school all of our physical education students will be meeting in the P.E. classrooms.

    During this week we will be going over school wide/classroom expectations, learning the physical education facilities, and going over safety procedures such as fire drills,  ALICE protocols, and the new safety procedures we have put in place for this school year.



    There will be no Locks and Lockers issued at this time. The Locker Rooms are also off limits at this time



    There will be no dressing out this semester or changing of clothes. We do ask that by September 1st each students is ready to participate in Physical Education class.  They will need to wear clothes that are comfortable and allow movement on the days they have P.E. (Ex. Shorts,  t-shirt, and  Tennis shoes.) At minimum students should have tennis shoes on the day they have P.E. class. They will be expected to participate within our classes as part of their grade. 


    Other items that should or could be brought on the day you have Physical Education class. Towel, Deodorant, and a reusable water bottle. 


    Students will not be able to drink from our water fountains at this time. We ask that each students bring a reusable and identifiable water bottle to school. We will have multiple water and mask breaks worked into each class period. Students will be able to refill their water bottle from our water fountains.


    Do not bring any sports equipment from home. These items will not be allowed to be used in our games this year. ex. Footballs, Basketballs, any equipment that could be shared


     We will have three sets of equipment that will be used through out the day. In between each class the equipment will be cleaned ( with school provided soultion) and put away for the day.



    Your grade is earned within  2 different areas.

    2. SKILL ASSESSMENTS/Quizzes 50%




    1. Food , GUM, and or Candy are not permitted in our class for safety reasons
    2. Sportsmanship is a must
    3. Arrive on time and be prepared to participate. Make sure you have on appropriate clothing/shoes for activity.
    4. Cell phones are to be left and secured in the book bags and Gym. We do not want them outside during activity time.
    5. Students who do not have the appropriate clothes on for the day  are still expected to participate with the class and in the activity in which the class is doing. There could be a possibility for a alternative activity given to earn the participation points for the day.



    School Number 352-671-7100 or e-mail at william.beach@marion.k12.fl.us which can be found at the school website