• Good Day Chiefs! 


    Please make sure you read below as to the last date and time i will except any work from weeks 5-8.


    We are starting week 8 of our Distance Learning. Week 8's question is on the assignment page. This is the last assignment for our Distance Learning project. Please feel free to use these workouts over the summer.


    Week 8 will be our last week with an assignment for you to turn in. If you are behind on submitting assignments MONDAY JUNE 1ST at 12:00 pm MIDNIGHT will be the last day for you to submit  assignments from week 5,6,7 or 8 for credit.


    I will no longer except answers to our weekly questions from weeks 1 through 4. If you are just starting our assigments please start with week 5 questions for credit.


    Please read all the directions on how and when to submit your answers. When you are submitting your weekly answers please include FULL NAME and BLOCK BUMBER.

     We are going to attempt to do Physical Education class from home. Please follow the directions on the assignment page the best we can. Enjoy these little workouts and try to get your parents and siblings up and moving as well. (Be the Motivator) This is all new to us and we will work out the bugs as we go.

    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will be new workouts posted. These workouts can all be done from home without any equipment. Each workout will last from 10 - 20 minutes depending the day and how long you rest between each round on the circuit. The workouts are set up in the HIIT stye of workout. High intensity for a 3-5 minutes with a short rest period in between each round on the circuit. These type of workouts will address our whole body.


    Thursday morning there  will be 3-5 questions on the assignment page pertaining to the past weeks workouts. Please submit your answers to my e-maill on your long block day. Please provide your answers, FIRST and LAST names, and what BLOCK you are in so I can give you credit. 

     I will be checking and responding to e-mails twice a day Monday through Wednesday. I will check my e-mail at 9:00 am and again at 1:00 pm on these days. I will check e-mails on Thursday and Friday at 12:15pm looking for your responses per the intructions on on the assignment page.

    If you have any concerns please e-mail me at the e-mail address provided below. 




     Coach Beach

    Smile it's Contagious               Jeremiah  17  7-8

    Go Chiefs


     Class room goals for my students this year are to be Safe, Social, and Active in my class. I can be contacted at 352-671-7100 or by e-mail at 





  • We are starting week 8 of doing Physical Education FROM HOME!


    Please include your FULL NAME and BLOCK NUMBER when you are submitting your weekly answers.




    I will no longer except answers from weeks 1-4 for credit. Please start with week 5 and please stay on time with your weekly answer submissions.


    NOW it is more important for you to stay MOTIVATED  and keep yourself moving. Keep to a daily activity routine like what we are doing at this time. This will help with all aspects of your well being. 

    With the new announcement that we will not be going back to school the rest of the school year it is important that you check all your teacher websites to stay on top of your assignments.

    Please make sure you are reading the directions on how and when to submit your answers to our weekly questions. 

    I know this is a little different and difficult but we all need to stay motiviated and positive during this time. Use these workouts as a way to keep moving and energized while not being able to go out and do the things we would normally be doing.


    Coach Beach


    Please stay tuned for more info!!!!!




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