• English language Arts The focus of this course is to provide skills and instruction to students who are working toward accessing high school grade level standards in English  Language Arts.

    We will address the needs of the students who may be nonverbal, symbol users and text readers.  In addition,  we will emphasize vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills by using a

    variety of books and informational materials.  Students will have reading assignment from short to long text depending on their level of comprehension with support from teachers.


     Transition Planning:  This course will help students to develop knowledge and skills for transition planning and accessing services needed to engage in life skills after high school.  We will explore postseconday training in employment and independent living; such as, yet not limited to: self determination and self-advocacy; personal and career planning, workplace competencies and independent living.



    1. Come in quietly and take your seat
    2. Do the Bell ringer
    3. Use restroom during bell ringer time (first 10 minute – raise your hand)
    4. Line up at the end of class 6 feet apart with mask.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Come to school prepared (wash hands/ clean clothes/ mask)
    2. Start work immediately – Bell ringer/ or read
    3. Stay in your seats and raise your hands for attention
    4. Keep your hands to yourself.
    5. Be respectful ( stay quiet while teachers give directions)
    6. Be respectful to each other (classmates)

    Clean up at the end of class



    Notebook   10%

    Participation  30%

    Quiz/Classwork  60%


    Classroom Supplies:

    *Bring each day paper, pencils, water bottle, notebook, and a     mask