• Intensive Reading: The focus of this course is to provide skills and instruction to students in order to accelerate reading and writing comprehension.  We will emphasize vocabulary, comprehension and writing fluency by using a variety of literary and informational texts as prompts.  Students will have reading assignment from short to long text; high-level, text-specific questions and must support answers with evidence from the text .

    First, Second, fifth and sixth period REWARDS classes will focus on multisyllabic words, fluency and academic vocabulary.  These students will focus on a wide range of topics using a broad range of text structures, genres, and levels of complexity.


    Career Experiences/Preparation:  Students with disabilities will develop knowledge and skill to select career options, access community resources, and apply work-related behavior through guided practice and experiences in school and community settings.  Most students (depending on maturity level and parents approval) in the 11th grade will participate in non-paid based vocational education training program amongst non-disabled peers. In addition, health, safety, and effective communication skills (verbal, written, nonverbal requirements are taught and demonstrated for school and community work settings.