• Students in dance class at BHS will study a variety of styles and techniques ranging from ballet to modern dance, and jazz to hip hop.  We will also be studying tap dance this year in the upper level classes.  Students will also be creating their own choreography which will be inspired by master choreographers we study in class.  The majority of the work happens during the school day in class with the exception of performance weeks.  Our performances this year include:


    November 5th - Rattler Rage - Dance Tech 2, Dance Rep 1-4 and select Dance Tech 1 students


    November 13 & 14 - An Evening of Dance & Fine Dining - Dance Tech 2 and Dance Rep 1-4 Students


    December 16 - Student Choreography Showcase - Dance Tech 2 and Dance Rep 1-4 with select Dance Tech 1 students


    March TBD - Diamondback Dance Company in Concert - Diamondback Dance Company


    April 14 & 15 - BHS Spring Dance Concert - All students in the BHS dance program


    More information on the program can be found in the BHS Dance Handbook!