• Belleview High School

    Dance Program



    Our Mission

    The dance program at Belleview High School is in place to serve all students interested in studying dance.  The program serves beginning dancers who have no dance experience to advanced students who are looking to expand their previous dance experiences.  We look to create an atmosphere of openness, safety and free exploration.  Each dancer is valued for his/her individual creativity and ideas.  The program includes the study of ballet, contemporary/modern dance, jazz, hip-hop, improvisation, dance choreography, and dance history.  The development of student leadership is of high importance and dancers.  Students will earn pride in their accomplishments as well as their required Performing Arts credit upon the completion of a dance class. 


    Class Supply List

    1. Due to safety concerns dancers will need a cloth mask (face shields and gaiters will not be permitted while dancing) It is recommended that dancers have a separate mask for dance class as it will become sweaty.
    2. Refillable Water Bottle.  Dancers will be able to use the campus water fountains for bottle refill ONLY.  Please be sure to have your bottle labeled.
    3. Tan Jazz Shoes.  At this time, there is no bare feet on the dance studio floor.  If you have not yet gotten dance shoes you may wear clean socks.  No street shoes permitted in the dance studio.
    4. Towel.
    5. A folder, lined paper and a pencil.



    At this time, dancers will not be using the locker room.  This means that dancers need to be dressed in school appropriate clothes that they can comfortably and safely move in.  Dance attire may be layered under clothing.  Some examples of school appropriate dance attire include athletic shorts (NOT boy shorts) and a t-shirt, leggings and long top that meets dress code, yoga pants and t-shirt.  If you choose to layer and have bike shorts under the shorts MUST be mid-thigh in length.

    Dancers will need jazz shoes but may wear clean socks until shoes are purchased.


    Dance Attire Scholarship

    If you need financial assistance with purchasing dance attire, please fill out the attached form and return it to Mrs. Martin by September 1st.  No late requests for the attire scholarship will be accepted.  Dancers will be given letters September 3rd informing them if they will be awarded the dance scholarship.

    *initially the scholarship will just include the jazz shoes.  Once we are permitted to return to the locker room the remaining attire items will be included.


    Alison’s Closet

    Dancers who are in need may also receive second hand dance attire from Alison’s Closet.  This is dance clothing and shoes that graduates have donated to the dance program to assist younger dancers in properly dressing for dance class.








    Daily Participation & Class Experiences (65%)

                Each class dancers earn 0-5 points towards their daily assignment grade.  The only way to learn to dance is to participate.  Dancers are graded based on their work every day in class.  Dancers who sit out will be given an alternate reading assignment due at the end of that class period.


    Performance/Projects/Assessments (25%)

                Dancers will complete movement assessments at the conclusion of each dance unit.  These movement phrases or activities will be graded on a rubric, which will be available for dancers to see prior to the assessment itself.


    Written Assignments (10%)

              Dancers will be doing weekly written reflections, which will be turned in via TEAMS.



    Necessary Forms

    Financial Need Form – necessary for students looking to earn a financial need attire scholarship  

    Dance Attire Scholarship Application

    Attire Order Form- only necessary for dancers looking to purchase attire through BHS.


    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


    BHS: 352-671-6210

    Google Voice: 352-389-1328