Pre-AICE World History


    Mr. Larkin                               Building 24-107             2018-2019


    Course Description: Honors/Advanced courses offer scaffolded learning opportunities for students to develop the critical skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in a more rigorous and reflective academic setting. Students are empowered to perform at higher levels as they engage in the following: analyzing historical documents and supplementary readings, working in the context of thematically categorized information, becoming proficient in note-taking, participating in Socratic seminars/discussions, emphasizing free-response and document-based writing, contrasting opposing viewpoints, solving problems, etc. Students will develop and demonstrate their skills through participation in a teacher designed research project


    Content:   There will be eleven major units of study in the year beginning with a short look at prehistory, followed by Byzantine & Medieval Europe, the Rise of Islam, The Renaissance and Reformation, European Exploration, Absolutist and Enlightenment era, Semester exam, American and French Revolutions, Industrial Revolution, European Imperialism, Interwar years and World War II, The Cold War, and finally the Modern World

    Grading:  Your grade will be computed by averaging scores within weighted categories.  The categories are as follows:          

                Tests, projects and presentations 50%:  There will be a unit test after completing each

                 chapter or unit, as some chapters will be combined into units.  Tests will be scheduled

     about every two weeks. These tests will contain significant written portions.   Notebooks will accompany most test dates and will be comprised of accumulated assignments checked but not previously recorded.

      DBQ’s and RWA’s will be added here. You will have one day per day absent to make up missed tests.  Any long term written assignment must be turned in ON Time


                Homework 10%:  Due when called for.  Late work is not accepted

                Class and daily assignments 40%:  Grade based on daily reading assignments, and other work performed and graded on a daily basis. There will be various quizzes given   throughout the term.  They may be announced or unannounced and may cover items like map skills, vocabulary and class readings.

    NOTE: semester and final exams will be given district policy will be followed. The final exam will be the county exam and is worth up to 20% of your grade.


    Special Help   If you believe you need special help, feel free to ask.  Please remember that some moments are more preferable than others (not during lectures).  We will schedule a mutually beneficial time.



    Class Rules

    1        Be Prompt

    • You must be in class and seated before the tardy bell rings.
    • Violations will be handled according to the school policy.

    2        Be Prepared

    • Bring required supplies such as notebook, pencils, pens, and paper every day.
    • Bring your history book to class every day.
    • Have all assigned work done before class begins.

    3        Be Polite

          Proper standards of address should be used--no name calling.

                Absolutely no swearing is accepted.

    4        Be Safe

    • All chairs and desks are made with 4 legs. Keep all of them on the floor at all


    .           Keep your hands and feet to yourself.         

    • Don't throw anything for any reason.

    5        Pet Peeves:  These are things to avoid if you want to stay on my good side.

    • No writing or passing notes in class.
    • Don't get out of your seat while I'm talking (have an extra pencil).
    • Don't crumple paper while I'm talking.

         No food or chewing gum in class.  Soft drinks are also banned.  You may have water in a clear closed container.

          No cell phones unless specifically authorized by the teacher.

    Daily Procedures

    Come straight to class and sit down at your assigned seat.  The time before the tardy bell is when you should copy the daily agenda and sharpen your pencils.  

    • Late Work Policy Reminder

    o   Late work is not accepted.  For absences, see absent policy.

    o   Projects, Papers, Essays & SBQs - Major projects are assigned well in advance of their due dates, and must be turned in on their due date with NO EXCEPTIONS.


    • Absent Policy Reminder

    o   If you are absent from school, upon your return you have the number of days you were absent to make up the work that you missed (this will be considered make-up work). For foreseen extended absences, arrangements will need to be made IN ADVANCE.

    o   Tests - If you miss the day of a test, you must make up the examination the day you return to school. You may receive an alternate test in place of the original (this may or may not be the same format.)

         Semester Average                                       Final Average

          9 weeks avg.    45%                                                          First semester     40%

          9 weeks avg.    45%                                                          Second semester 40%

          semester exam 10%                                                          LEOCE          20%