• COURSE DECRIPTION: What is Biology? Biology (from Greek βιολογος - βίος, bios, "life";   -λογος, -logos, study of).  It is the branch of science that studies living organisms.  During this course your student will examine the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and classification of living things.  The five unifying principles for this course are as follows: cell theory, evolution, gene theory, energy, and homeostasis. Remember, scientific theories are explanations of scientific observations, not guesses!



    QRT1: Nature of Science, Macromolecules, Properties of Water, & Cell Structure and Function                      

    QRT2: Immune System, Plant Structure and Cellular Energy, Human Reproduction, & Genetics

    QRT3: Meiosis, Molecular Genetics, Evolution, Brain, & Diversity and Classification

    QRT4: Diversity and Classification, Ecology, & Cardiovascular Health


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