Welcome to Ms. K's Class!

  •           Hey, everybody! I sure do miss you!! Really! It is too quiet in my classroom. I am trying my best to figure out this 'Distance Learning' stuff as quickly as I can. It is going very slowly. I am trying to learn how to use Google Classroom (again) and becoming very frustrated at my technological ignorance. I am going to try and send this out and see if anyone sees it so I will know I did one thing correctly today. ;)

    • I will have office hours each morning 11:00-12:00 and each afternoon 1:00 to 2:00. Call the office (352-671-6235) and they can put you through to my room. 
    • You can email me anytime through Skyward.
    • I have set up a Zoom account and will meet with you on Thursday from 10:00 - 11:00.













    This stuff is for later! :)

    Does everybody still have their Genetics Study Guide and Text book pages? 

    Life Science - this is the branch of science that studies organisms. During this course you will study the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and classification of living things. The five unifying principles for this course are as follows: cell theory, evolution, gene theory, energy, and homeostasis.

  • 4-1-20: I will work all day today trying to understand the technology we will be using for the next 4 weeks to communicate. Hopefully, by the end of today I can let you know how I will tell you the CODE for ZOOM that I will be using tomorrow at 10:00 am. I might have to use this webpage, so keep checking. You can call me during office hours today.

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