• Reading 12

    Patty-Kay Ergle



    The goal of this class is for every student to earn the required score on the FSA, ACT, or SAT so that they are eligible to graduate.


    The typical week in Reading class is as follows:

    Mondays – Analyse 

    Tuesday – Khan SAT prep

    Wednesday – Read Aloud

    Thursday/Friday – Practice Testing, Activities


    Assignments are listed on my website on the school web page. Some assignments must be done in the classroom, not taken home.



    Classwork 50%

    Assessments 20%

    Tests/Projects 10%

    Writing 10%

    Quarterly Assessment 10%


    Makeup work and test retakes can be done during office hours, 9:00-9:25.

    • Make sure you know exactly what work you need.
    • Check your portal and my website.
    • Missing assignments are 0 not * on your portal
    • No makeup work will be accepted more than 2 weeks after the due date.