• The typical week in Reading class is as follows:

    Mondays – Quiz, New Vocab

    Tuesday – Bookwork

    Wednesday – Read Along

    Thursday/Friday – Practice Testing, Read Along


    Vocabulary is affixes and roots.

    Read Along is done from the book Louisiana Longshot.

    Bookwork is done from an ACT/SAT review book.

    Mock ACT or SAT test will be given periodically.

    One Plato module is expected each time that it is assigned.

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                    Student number




    Make up work and test retakes can be done during office hours, 9:00-9:30.

    Make sure you know exactly what work you need.

    Check your portal and my website.

    (Missing assignments are 0 not * on your portal)


    If you don't like your bookwork grade you can come correct you mistakes to earn more points.