School Advisory Council


    The School Advisory Council, or SAC, is a group of people whose primary purpose is to assist the principal in developing a school improvement plan and evaluating the results of the plan in order to help students achieve success. In addition, the SAC advises the principal in the preparation of the school’s budget. The efforts of the SAC are always focused on improving student achievement.


    The SAC is made up of individuals from various segments of the community. It includes parents, teachers, school principals, school staff, students, people in business/industry, and other interested community members.


    A representative balance among SAC members is required so that all groups of the school community have a voice in school improvement. Business and community leaders are appointed by the principal.


    Business and community members bring an important perspective that might not be represented without them; everyone has a part to play in improving local schools.



    Accepting your part could be as easy as becoming a member of the School Advisory Council of your child’s school or of a school in your neighborhood or business community.


    Education is essential to build strength from our society’s growing ethnic and social diversity. Remember — Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens.


    For more information, you may also contact the School Improvement Office at 671-7146 or access the following website --



    • 08/15/2023
    • 10/10/2023
    • 12/12/2023
    • *02/15/2024
    • 04/09/2024

    Time: 3:00 pm in our media center  

    * Meeting will be at 6:00 pm in Auditorium

Contacting SAC

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to be more engaged with your school? Feel free to contact your School Advisory Council (SAC) with any comments, suggestions, or concerns. We value our partnership.

    Email the Osceola Middle School Advisory Council