Guidance and Counseling



    During this time of Distance Learning, the Guidance Office is still available for parents and students who need assistance. Please feel free contact Mrs. Lorick at (352) 462-3360 or Mrs. Walker at (513) 449-1030. They are also available by email. The district's counseling resource is also available under the Student Services tab. 



    Guidance Counselors:

    Mrs. Lorick (last names A-L)

    Ms. Walker (last names M-Z)


    Welcome to the Guidance Office! Our mission as your child's counselors is to assist you and his/her teachers in facilitating Osceola's mission statement and goals for each and every student.


    We would like to invite you to come in and get to know us and the services we offer and those offered from this office. You may come by school or call during "teacher hours" and make an appointment with us. You don't need to wait until you have a problem or special reason! We hope that, together, we can lay a good foundation for future success and achievement by making your child's years at Osceola Middle a happy and rewarding learning experience.



    • Help children understand themselves and others
    • Help to identify children with special needs
    • Provide crisis intervention
    • Develop plans to prevent academic/behavioral problems from developing
    • Provide Career Awareness programs
    • Coordinate the efforts of other professionals working for children
    • Provide orientation for children coming to Osceola for the first time
    • Promote positive attitudes toward persons of diverse cultural, racial, ability, and socioeconomic backgrounds



    Also housed in the Guidance Office is the Guidance Clerk, Mrs. Woodruff. Some of her responsibilities include: ESE, 504 plans, and various other student services.


    Mrs. Roberts is the Information Processing Assistant. She is responsible for registration, scheduling, and various other student services.


    Mrs. Schulz is also located here and she is our Attendance Clerk. She is responsible for keeping accurate attendance records of excused and non excused absences as well as signing in tardy students and signing out students who are checked before the end of the school day.



    All new students must register in the Guidance Office. Our personnel are familiar with all the requirements and can help you with questions.


    For instructions on how to enroll or withdraw your child, please click the Enrollment & Withdrawal Process option in the PARENT INFO menu at the top of the page.



    Taking attendance is the responsibility of the classroom teacher. If a child is not in his/her classroom by 7:55 am, he/she must check in at the Guidance Office before reporting to class. Also, if children are chronically absent, tardy, or picked up early, notices may be sent from the Guidance Office in accordance with Marion County School System policies and FL statutes. Please call the Guidance Office if your child is absent. Upon your child's return to school, send a hand-written note as to the reason for the absence. If your child was seen by a doctor, please send the doctor's note.



    Please visit the Attendance Clerk to sign a student out of school. You must present your identification and be on the student's authorization list. No one under the age of 18 may check a student out of school. There will be no check-outs after 1:30 pm.



    Your child's cumulative records are housed in the Guidance Office. If you need to review anything in the folder please call ahead and make an appointment for someone to go over the contents with you. If you need a copy of any document in your child's folder we can provide it for you. If you request more than two copies, a charge will be assessed at 5 cents per copy. Again, please call ahead and we will try and have it ready for you or will send it home via your child. If you are transferring out of Osceola we will make sure all necessary documents are forwarded to your child's new school.


    *If you are a non-custodial parent who wishes to have copies of report cards, interim reports, and other routine school information, please see your child's teacher. You will be required to provide self-addressed, stamped envelopes for this.


    One of our favorite links is



    The school encourages parent/teacher conferences. It is not necessary for something negative to happen in order for a meeting with teachers to be arranged. Please call the guidance office (671-7105) and ask for a conference with the teachers. The guidance office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


    Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search

    Participation in TIP is an opportunity for seventh grade students the guidance office makes 7th grade students and parents aware of, but participation is not required. It has no effect on students’ grades.Osceola students who choose to participate in TIP are recognized at our awards assembly in May. If they qualify, they may be recognized through Duke University. You are encouraged to explore the website listed below for detailed information.


    Academic talent searches help families find out how advanced students' abilities truly are. Traditional testing often fails to measure the variation among many gifted students who reach the upper limits of scoring on grade-level exams. By taking advanced above-level testing (at least two years above a student's current grade placement) through Duke TIP's talent search, gifted students and their families gain a far better understanding of where the student stands in relation to his/her gifted peers and what level of educational challenge is appropriate.


    Duke TIP's 7th Grade Talent Search identifies academically talented 7th graders based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school. Candidates are then invited to take the SAT or the ACT as 7th graders, which allows them greater insight into their academic abilities and an opportunity to preview the same test students will take during the college admission process. In addition, students have access to educational programs and resources that will contribute to their academic development.


    To qualify, seventh grade students must have scored 95% or higher on a grade-level standardized achievement test, aptitude test, mental-ability test, approved state criterion-referenced test or students must have scored at or above 125 on an IQ test. Scores from either of the two most recent test administrations are acceptable. For most 7th grade students this represents scores from either the 6th grade or the 5th grade. Mental-ability tests must be no more than two years old. Students need to qualify in only one of the acceptable composite or subtest areas.


    Please reference the TIP Website ( for more if information.  A limited number of brochures are available for students in the guidance office who do not have access to a computer.



    • 1st SAT date is 12/7
    • 1st ACT date is 12/14
    • Paper deadline for both is 10/1
    • Online deadline is 10/21


    • 2nd SAT date is 1/25
    • 2nd ACT date is 2/8
    • Paper deadline for both is 11/4
    • Online deadline is 12/5