• The following is a brief summary of MTI’s 2018 - 2019 policies and procedures.  These rules are in addition to the Marion County Code of Conduct.


    The Four Step Process:

    Step 1: A verbal warning/redirect behavior

    Step 2: Conference with student with possible staff-created consequence

    Step 3: Apply and document intervention

    Step 4: Referral written and administration gives appropriate consequence

    **A Level 2 Infraction or higher does not require the completion of Steps 1-3.  See Code of Conduct.


     Typical Corrective Actions for Level 1 offense

    Step 1: Referral received, counsel and redirection, parent contact

    Step 2:  Lunch detention and parent contact

    Step 3/4: In-School Suspension and or loss of privileges with a parent contact

    Step 5: Out-of-School Suspension and parent contact

    Step 6: Behavior contract with possible removal from MTI


    **Repeated acts of misconduct may result in a student being returned to his/her base school.


    Absences and Tardies

    1. Leaving campus without the proper sign-out may result in an automatic one-day in-school suspension.
    2. Fourth documented tardy will be a referral with detention. Each additional tardy during the quarter will result in more severe consequences.


    Drug Use

    Based on the Marion County Code of Conduct any student with the following drug infractions will receive a ten day suspension along with a recommendation for a mandatory alternative placement: providing prescription drugs, possession of illegal drugs and/or under the influence of illegal drugs. 


    The possession of K-2, bath salts or the like will result in a 10-day suspension and a mandatory education program.  Distribution will result in a ten day suspension and alternative placement.

    MTI has partnered with the Ocala Police Department K-9 division to ensure a safe and drug-free campus.

    There is a zero tolerance of weapons on campus.  See the Marion County Code of Conduct for more specifics.

    SAFETY- MTI reserves the right to search vehicles and belongings if there is a suspicion of threat of safety to students and/or staff.


    Electronic Devices

    The Code of Conduct prohibits the following items on campus without prior administrative approval.  Theft of such items will not be investigated due to this policy.

     Ipods/MP3s  & other electronic devices

    • Cameras/Video Cameras


    Cell phones are to be out of sight and TURNED OFF when in class, assemblies or field trips.  Use of any of the above items during class time or assemblies may result in a detention and confiscation of such devices.


    Dress Code

    MTI students will adhere to the Marion County School District dress code policy.  Exceptions will be made for field trips, and lab activities.  Teachers will determine what is appropriate for said events.