About Marion Technical Institute


    Practical career experience combined with classroom learning gives students an edge above employment competition in the following fields after graduation:


    • Automotive Technology
    • Barbering
    • Building Sciences
    • Business & Finance 
    • Career Academy Dual Enrollment at the College of Central Florida
    • Co-Enrollment with Marion Technical College (MTC)
    • Culinary Arts and Baking
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Information Technology
    • Integrated First Responder
    • Law


    Scheduling flexibility offers a great advantage for students of MTI, allowing class attendance during times that are convenient to students. Students take their core courses at their base school. 


    Students will receive a high school diploma while also having the opportunity to earn impressive national certifications, scholarship money and college credits through Gold Seal programs. Working closely with Business Advisory Councils composed of local industry leaders, students will participate in work-based learning experiences and “hands-on” training activities while attending MTI.


    Students attending MTI must meet the same graduation requirements as any student within Marion County Public Schools. All of the MTI career academies offer Gold Seal Scholarship opportunities.


    One of the most exciting benefits is that students enrolled in MTI still have the option to graduate with their original high school class. Additionally, MTI students do not have to give up high school sports programs or extracurricular activities such as prom or Grad Nite. They can play on their school football team, be a part of the drama club, or belong to their favorite service club. The "traditional" high school experience remains intact, even as students tailor their education to prepare for specific career fields.




    Marion Technical Institute prepares students for success in college and in life.

    Students choose to come to MTI to be part of a learning community that offers unique and high-quality learning experiences based on the following:


    • Preparation for Success. All students are rigorously prepared to apply to and be accepted by employers, technical schools, community colleges, and/or four-year post-secondary institutions. In support of this objective, highly qualified and passionate teachers set high expectations for students, incorporating a dynamic, rigorous curriculum with a career focus and technology integrated into all subjects.
    • Personalized Learning. MTI's learning environment requires students to have a learning plan and career map. Research shows that smaller schools, like MTI, allow students and teachers to develop intensive, long-term relationships that maximize teaching and learning. Interactive and Project-Based Learning. Connecting classroom instruction with real-world experience, students apply learning through projects and classroom assignments that lead to internships and employment while completing coursework for graduation and national industry/business certifications.
    • Career Focus. MTI integrates technical methodology into all subjects and students take career information into all classes - this focus engages students in active learning. Technological Proficiency. Students are prepared to advance in a fast-paced, technologically driven world by offering multiple opportunities utilizing tech-based skills and Internet research experiences.