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    Teacher Contact Information Ms. Self – daria.self@marion.k12.fl.us

    Course Description

    Video Production is a year long class that focuses on creating short movies. Students in the class will produce thirty second to five minute videos, taking each project from preproduction, through shooting, to post-production and editing. In addition, students will learn how to work with camera and editing equipment. The class is highly collaborative, student centered and results driven.


    Learning Objectives:

    • To feel confident in the basics of creating and overseeing production (pre-production, production and direction).
    • To learn the basics of operating video equipment (camera, audio, lighting).
    • To learn to use digital editing and video elements together (images, sound, interviews, music) to convey a message, tell a story, and achieve communication goals.

    Course Objectives:

    • To extend students’ video production skills including writing, producing, directing, shooting and digital editing.
    • To develop knowledge of different video genres and techniques.
    • To allow students to explore and refine their conceptual and aesthetic styles, as well as their practical and technical skills.
    • To help students discover where their particular interests and abilities lie.
    • Student work may have he potential to be entered into the district contest.


    Class Expectations/Rules

    • Be SAFE, Be RESPONSIBLE, Be RESPECTFUL of teachers, peers, equipment and environment.
    • Students must be willing to work with others, and respect their own and others’ learning 

    • No food or drink of any kind allowed, except bottled water with a closeable lid 

    • Students must have permission from Ms. Self for any shoot or production outside of the classroom.