• Hey Team! Here's how to see assignments:  Hover and Click on the bold blue active links below. Please review the letter click here → student/parent letter.

    Our Assignment is a 2-week activity log - for a digital copy  click here → Two Week Activity Log (Paperless). It is a word document that you can type on after you open it. Save the log in your files. This must be turned in to us. Espanol → Registro De Actividad Física De 2 Semanas . It is due 5 days after the 2-weeks are completed. Please incorporate the posted resources on the 2-week activity log our goal is to complete three logs over nine weeks. If you are already using the posted activities give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks.


    Weekly Resources are listed below to help fulfill the Two Week Activity Log.


    Hover and click on your grade level map. The weekly maps can be turned in as an alternative to the activity log.

    Week Eleven Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_11_map  and → 3-5_wk_11_map or

    Activity Packet (PDF) →  K-2_wk_11_packet  and → 3-5_wk_11_packet

    Week Ten Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_10_map and → 3-5_wk_10_map or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk10_packet  and → 3-5_wk_10_packet

    Week Nine Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_9_map and → 3-5_wk_9_map  or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_9_packet  and → 3-5_wk_9_packet

    Week Eight Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_8_map and → 3-5_wk_8_map or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_8_packet  and → 3-5_wk_8_packet

    Week Seven Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_7_map and → 3-5_wk_7_map or

    Activity Packet (PDF) →K-2_wk_7_packet  and → 3-5_wk_7_packet

    Week Six Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_6_map and → 3-5_wk_6_map  or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_6_packet  and → 3-5_wk_6_packet

    Week Five Activity Maps (Word)→ K-2_wk_5_map and → 3-5_wk_5_map  or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_5_packet  and → 3-5_wk_5_packet

    Week Four Activty Maps (Word) → K-2 wk 4 map and → 3-5 wk 4 map  or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_4_packet  and → 3-5_wk_4_packet

    Week Three Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_3_map and → 3-5_wk_3_map  or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_3_packet  and → 3-5_wk_3_packet 

    Week Two Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_2_ map and → 3-5_wk_2_map  or

    Activity Packet (PDF) → K-2_wk_2_packet  and → 3-5_wk_2_packet  

    Week One Activity Maps (Word) → K-2_wk_1_map and → 3-5_wk_1_map or

    Activity Packet (PDF) →  K-2 PE packet and →  3-5 PE packet 


    The PE Warm-up if you choose to do something that is familiar.

    An invitation from GoNoodle a free resource certainly a student favorite.


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