• Exploring 2D Art and Exploring 3D Art

    Instructor: Ms. V. Colding


    Course Descriptions:


    1st Semester: Exploring 2D Art:


    You will explore a wide range of media and techniques while creating two-dimensional works of art, which will include drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage. You will learn to reflect on your own artwork and that of others through critical analysis to achieve artistic goals related to craftsmanship, technique, and application of 21st-century skills. Career options related to art will also be explored.


    2nd Semester: Exploring 3D Art:


    You will explore how to translate two-dimensional art skills into three-dimensional forms through the exploration of various sculptural forms using materials that may include, but are not limited to, clay, paper mache, and mixed media for creative expression. You will develop perceptual, creative, technical, and problem-solving skills in a sculptural context as you design and produce works of art with personal expression. As part of each project you will learn safety procedures for process, media, and techniques. Career options related to art will also be explored.


    Required Supplies: You will ALWAYS need to have a pencil and eraser with you in class.

    Also, you will need to bring in the following supplies:

                  -Composition Notebook                                               - Duo-tang folder

    ***These following items will stay in the classroom, at all times-unless given permission to take home by the instructor.


    Teacher’s Wish List (Optional)

    Supplies needed for the classroom are the following: (Please bring in one of these items if possible):

    • A box of Tissues
    • Container of Baby Wipes
    • Empty Cereal Boxes (may be flattened)

    Class Expectations:


    1.      Be prepared to learn EVERYDAY by being on time, on task, and using your time wisely.

    2.      Keep all personal electronics put away-where they cannot be seen or heard.

    3.      Be responsible; for your own learning and for using Art tools and materials properly.

    4.      RESPECT the teacher, the classroom, and other students; keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    5.      Clean up YOUR area; make sure that all trash goes in the trashcan!


    Semester Grading Policy:


    • 10%   Notebook (Bell Ringer, etc.)
    • 40%   Class/Daily Assignments, Quizzes
    • 50%  Projects, Presentations, Test


    **District: Fall Semester End-of-Course Exam: 20%

               Spring Semester End-of-Course Exam: 20%



    1. Warning
    2. Time Out (in the classroom)
    3. Parent Contact – phone call, e-mail
    4. Referral

     * Any behavior that is a safety hazard will result in a referral.


    Teacher Contact Information:

     Ms. Verlinda Colding

    E-mail: Verlinda. Colding@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone: 352-465-6720 ext. 55292