•   Welcome to the new year!!!!!

    Stay Strong, Be Well, we will get through this together!

    PE is active and fun. PE (Physical Education) is a class just like Reading, Math, and Science.  We are here to help improve the fitness and skills of everyone in our class.

    A few things you will need to take part in PE on-line:  You will need to wear proper shoes (tennis shoes or sneakers) and you will need to clear a safe space around you so that you can move freely.  We will be following the SPARK curriculum as closely as we can.  If you would like to play your favorite music when doing assignment by all means do so.

    You are expected to participate in these activities at least three times per week.  If you are asked to do an activity outside make sure an adult is present.  Please send an e-mail to my address jennifer.bostick@marion.k12.fl.us when you complete the activity.

     Stretch and cool down. It is important that you stretch and cool down after all activities. Always remember to drink plenty of water while doing your activities.  If you have any questions please contact me at Jennifer.bostick@marion.k12.fl.us