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    Supply list

    Supply list for 2020-2021 school year

    Thank you for your help with this list!  Let's keep everyone healthyand safe this year!!!



    Antony schoolwide expectation: We are a PBIS school!

     The BIG 3!

    1. Do what's Right!

    2. Do your Best!

    3. Treat Others the way You want to be Treated!



    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Soft voice

    2. Gentle feet and hands

    3. Listen to directions

    4. Be kind


    Classroom Procedure:

    Green: Good choices with very few reminders

    Yellow: Poor choices after numerous reminders

    Red: Safety violations (eloping, hitting other students, etc)- Behavioral Team AND Parent are notified.


    Each day, a monthly calendar is mark with daily student color and placed in student’s home folder with a brief explanation of yellow or red choices. Calendars are saved at the end of the month for data tracking.  


    Classroom Rewards:

    Green day- last 10 minutes of school is computer time/ choice activity

    3/5 Greens per week (this will increase to 5/5 green days) Ice cream

    End of nine week: movie and popcorn


    Classroom schedule

    * schedule is subject to change


    7:45-8:10: Breakfast/bathroom 

    8:10-9:00: Specials ( Mon/Art, Thurs/Music, 

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday/PE)

    9:00-9:30- Morning Circle

    9:30-10:20: Math

    10:20- 10:35: Bathroom/ Get ready for lunch

    10:35-11:05: Lunch

    11:05-12:05: Science

    12:05-1:35: Reading

    1:35-2:00: Recess and bathroom 

    2:00-2:20: Social Skills

    2:20-2:45: Reward time/ Get ready to go home


    Curriculum will be Teachtown.


     If there is a school interrution- we will be using Microsoft Team

    Microsoft Team Guide for Parents