• Thursday, August 17, 2017

    Our Class has been reviewing and learning new tasks this second week of school.  In Language Arts, we have been reading two stories so that we can compare and contrast two or more characers, settings, or events. We have also been reviewing what character traits are and how the author uses details to show how the characters are feeling. In Writing, your child has been practicing writing topic sentences and details related to their prompts.  3rd grade is focusing on Informative Writing and 5th grade is working on Narrative Writing.  We will continue to focus on keeping the details related to the topic sentence and building strong conclusions. 

    As for Math, your child has been reviewing place value and how to round to whole numbers as well as learning how to multiply multi digit numbers using the standard algorithm. They have also created their math journals in order to answer the Essential Questions related to their Learning Goal and Standards provided on our classrooms Common Board wall. 

    In Social Studies, 3rd grade students are learning how to analyze primary and secondary sources and what some of those examples would include.  5th grade students reviewed examples of maps, globes and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  We will continue to work with associated academic vocabulary: country, state, capital, latitude, longitude, and territory so that they can label a blank map of the United States.  

    Lastly, in Science (my favorite subject), your child has been enjoying our lessons and are excited for their first experiment this year on Friday, August 18th.  Your child has learned about different scientific tools and their purposes, lab safety rules,and the Scientific Method.  They have worked tediously to create their Science Journals and will record their first observations tomorrow in them.  Please ask them if their hypothesis was correct.  

    I will provide an update of what our classroom is learning or reviewing at the end of the week so that you may ask your child about what he enjoys or needs more help with.  As always, Thank You for your support and trust in me to provide your child with the best education possible this year. 


    Mrs. Amie Perez