• Gator In my class we will be working to achieve mastery of Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. In addition, I use cooperative learning in all my academic areas along with interactive notebooking. 

    Key  In class we will be working on becoming masters of reading. This will help your child get ready for the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) in 3rd grade next year. This year there will be no homework EXCEPT Reading 20 minutes DAILY! Why? See graphic below. There will be a reading tracking sheet in your child's daily folder for you to sign EACH DAY to ensure your child has read 20 minutes. 

    don't skip



    In math we wll be working on foundations and Mathematical thinking. First and foremost, my students learn how to THINK mathematically before we can learn math skills. Here they are:

    math practices

    Our Curriculum Schedule for the year:

    We just completed our 3rd QSMA. We are moving on to TIME, MONEY, SHAPES, and BEGINNING FRACTIONS! 


    Image result for Time for kids   Image result for Money for kids  Image result for Shape attributes for kids  Image result for Partitioning shapes for kids



    Sci  and  SS


    In Science we will be learning about Earth, Physical Science, and Life Science. In Social Studies we will learn about history and people. Stay tuned for specifics. 


    We are now studying the HUMAN BODY! 

    Image result for human body kids    Image result for human body kids  Image result for human body kids