• North Marion High School 2020 - 2021 

    Criminal Justice Operations 1    

    Course Syllabus 


    Program Title:  Criminal Justice Operations 1 

    Course Number:  8918010 

    Course Credit:  1 

    INSTRUCTOR:        MrsShaunelia Kiner 


                                     (352) 671  6010 

                                     Building 4 Room 5 


    North Marion High School: rules and regulations apply in classroom. 


    A mask will be required while in Mrs. Kiner's class due to the possible inability to social distance within the classroom.

    Course Description: 
    Criminal Justice Operations 1is designed to introduce the student to the history, goals, and career opportunities in the Criminal Justice Profession.  It also covers ethics and professionalism, constitutional and criminal laws, court and trial process, juvenile justice system, and the correctional system.  Students will also be instructed on personal, interpersonal, and communication skills as well as demonstrate employability skills.    


    Text:  Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century, 13th Edition, Schmalleger.  

    Mrs. Kiner’s Classroom Expectations:   

    I promise as your teacher to do my best to impart to you the information and skills that you will need to successfully complete this course.  As my students I expect you to perform to the best of your abilities.  I expect my students, with my help, to work to achieve the top of the grading scale.  We will work together toward this goal.   


    Be Respectful:  To show concern or consideration 

    • The Golden Rule…Treat others the way you want to be treated. 
    • Practice Self-Control…Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself . 
    • Do not say anything disrespectful to anyone, do not yell, do not curse, and do not use obscene gestures). 


    Be Responsible:  To show appropriate actions at the appropriate times 

    • Be on time to class.  Be in the seat before the second bell rings. 
    • Raise your hand before speaking and leaving your seat.  It is right to be polite. 
    • Stay in your seat until the bell rings.  I dismiss the class, not the bell. 


    Be Ready:  To be prepared for school mentally and physically 

    • Come to class prepared (bring your paper, pencil, and notebook). 
    • Be Focused…Look, listen, follow directions, and stay on task.  
    • No horseplay is allowed in the class. 


    Students are expected to BRespectful, Responsible, and Ready in my classroom.  Also, students will adhere and behave according to the following classroom rules and policies of the school; 

    Violation of the rules can result in disciplinary actions.  See the following: 

    1. Verbal Warning. 
    1. Student conference(Remind / Re-teach expectation) 
    1. Seating change. 
    1. Direct parent contact. (note: person to person or e-mail) 
    1. Other disciplinary action as deemed by school administration. 



    Grading determination for this course will be according to the county grading scale. 

    A= 90 - 100 

    B= 80 - 89 

    C= 70 - 79 

    D= 60 - 69 

    F= 59 - 0 


    Every 9 weeks your grade will be averaged according to the following percentages: 


    Tests/Projects/Presentations = 50% 

    Classwork/Daily Quizzes = 30% 

    Homework = 20% 


    1.  North Marion High School Writes.  Journals are a great and easy strategy to get students writing every day.  Each week the student will be required to have completed a journal writing assignment with attached clippings and stories from the Web, newspapers, and magazines and do a short presentation.  This journal writing will be a collective assignment throughout the week.  The student will write approximately 5 linesequal to one paragraph.  The student should have approximately 10 lines equal to two paragraphs with an attached newspaper article or clippings on an assigned criminal justice related topics (such as individual rights, social control, policing, terrorism, and violent crime) receive the most coverage.  A useful website for criminal justice-specific current events is



    1. Bell Ringer: Every day the student will be required to have completed a daily bell ringer assignment on a criminal justice topic. 


    1. Vocabulary: There will be weekly quizzes and/or tests which will generally be taken on Friday each week. 
      4.  Exams: The student will also have a mid-nine weeks exam, semester exam and a final exam or End-of-Course exam at the end of the year for this class.5. Cooperative Learning Groups: The student will be assigned to a group upon entering the class.  This group will begin a group project in which they will conduct research, prepare an essay, and a presentation on a poster board.  The specific details of the project will be provided to the student on another form.  The form will indicate the date the project is due.  Generally, the project is due near the end of the semester (further information on the project will be forthcoming). 


    1. No extra credit will be given.  Make the grade you want as you go along. 


    1. No late assignments will be accepted.  Assignments are due as you enter class and I call for them.  You will not be allowed to leave class for an assignment.  They will not be accepted unless you have an Excused   If you are going to be absent the date a project is due; projects should be turned in prior to your absence. 


    1. Make up work.  Missed work should be made up within the week of the Excused absence.  If you are going to be absent the date a project is due; projects should be turned in prior to your absence. 


    1. Exiting the classroom. To leave class you must have my permission and you must sign the sign-out log by the front door. 
    2. “Zero Tolerance”Tardy policy.  You are considered tardy if you are not in your seat when the second bell rings. 


    1. Restroom.  Please use the restroom before and after class, we will handle emergencies accordingly.  Please refrain from asking to use the restroom during lectures and presentations. 


    Electronic devices: Are prohibited in class unless otherwise specified. 


    This course is designed to introduce students to the Criminal Justice profession.  Each student is expected to do his/her own work (with exception of group projects) and to follow all instructions in the class.  The course will offer field trip experiences which may include a trip to the court house and jail.  The following materials are requested for the student to bring to class and/or to provide to the instructor. 
    1.  Crime Scene Notebook binder.   

    1. Dividers for notebook. 
    2. 3Writing utensilsBlue or blackink pens are the only colors acceptable on classwork, a pencil for every test day, and highlighters. 
    3. 3.  Loose leaf college ruled notebook paper. 
    4. Poster Board for class projects. 

    Objective: To prepare students to become college ready and or work force ready by completing 3 years of course work in Criminal Justice.  Completion of 3 years allows students to receive the Gold Seal for completion and become eligible to receive college credit.  


    Contact Information: the best way to contact me is through e-mail:  



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