• Our Class Mission Statement

    The mission of the Criminal Justice program is to provide a comprehensive, integrated, experience-based curriculum to motivate and challenge students interested in law-related fields of study.

    Course Schedule

    1st - Criminal Justice III / IV

    2nd - Criminal Justice II - Virtual Learning

    3rd - Criminal Justice I

    4th - Criminal Justice II

    5th - Criminal Justice I - Virtual Learning

    6th - Criminal Justice I

    7th - Criminal Justive I - Virtual Learning

  • Grading Scale:

    90 - 100 = A

    80 - 89 = B

    70 - 79 = C

    60 - 69 = D

    0 - 59 = F



    It is important that students are respectful towards instructors and fellow classmates, and that their behaviors does not interfere with nor disrupt class activities. 


    Tardy Policy:

    Students will be marked TARDY to class if they are NOT in their seat before the second bell has sounded.  Students will be referred to Student Services (a.k.a. Discipline) for discipline action when they have amassed 4 Tardies.



    Class assignments are still DUE according to their due dates while on suspension, CDA, PASS, or medical leave:

    • Students are responsible for obtaining all work missed while on suspension, PASS, CDA, or medical leave.
    • Students will adhere to the due dates specified on all assignments, unless the teacher has granted prior approval.
    • Students returning from the following listed above will have 5 days to submit their work.  Once the 5 days have passed, assignments will be graded as a ZERO and NO - MAKE-UP work will be allowed.