outdoor education


    p45qby Welcome to Mr. Jones class.

    recreational activities will consist of learning a variety of games. games such as TD ball, team dodge ball, capture the chair etc. also traditional games such as (volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and dodge ball) will be played.

    Students can go on my website to bring up the rules and regulation for the traditional games. My code for the website is p45qby. A 20 question quiz will be given after the traditional sport has been covered. 

    Students are required to dress out in class. Uniforms can be purchased for $20.00 here at West Port. This will be for a teal shirt ( $10.00) and black shorts ( $10.00). If you have an ROTC gray shirt you may wear that instead of teal shirt, however you will be dressing out 4 times a week.It might be good to purchase a teal shirt along with your gray shirt.

    Grades will be earned by the following. 40% dress out grade, 40% participation grade, and 20% quiz and project grade.

    Thursdays and Fridays will be block days. students are required to dress out on those days. Student will either have Thursday or Friday block day depending on your class period. There are 2 required projects for each 9 weeks. (  first 9 weeks is a small group oriented project 4-5 students. Each group will pick a game ( not a sport) to play, using the other students in class. Each group must go over rules ( regulations) and procedures on how to play the game. It can be something your group comes up with or, some game you have seen or played before. ( you may not use any game we have played in class.) The second 9 weeks project is individual. ( students will analyze the role of games,or sports and or physical activities in other cultures) students will write out a 2 page minimum ( or more) report on the project and present it to the class when assigned by teacher.