• Week of May 10---Due May 14

    Your assignments for this week have been posted in etexbooks. You have three activities to complete which are; Topic 4-1 Ex. 1 Equations, Topic 4-1 Ex. 2 Using Substitutions, and Topic 4-1 Additional Example. They are all included into one grade, so please make certain you submit each one of them. Assignments are due by this Thursday.

    Week of May 3---Due May 7

    Your assignment for this week has been posted in etexbooks. You will be doing the 7-1 Quiz. Assignment is due on Thursday at 4:00. If you do not do well, there is some remediation that is included as well. Please do not wait until the last minute to complete.

    Week of April 26--Due April 29

    Grades are due this week. I am not providing an assignment this week. I am allowing you time to get caught up on your assignments and get them all turned into me, no later than Wednesday at 2:00 pm. All who turn every assignment in before Wednesday, will receive addtional points. Everyone who is already complete will still receive extra points. 

    Week of April 19-Due April 23

    Etextbooks- Math XL-Additional Practice and finish any assignments that are incomplete.

    Week of  April 12---Due-April 16

    1. Etextbook- Practice and Problem Solving pg. 391 has been assigned to you.

    2. Google Classroom-Vocabulary Quiz- Use a Dictionary, Google, and other resources to define each. 

    Week of April 1-10- Past Due

    1. Etextbooks Area of Parallelogram and Rhumbus Ex. 1-3. Solve and Discuss It!

    2. Google Classroom-Submit Each Assignment for Workbook Pages and Watch Khan Academy Video and Submit.

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