• Here is an overview of the curriculum and websites we use  for each of the core subjects.


    Reading- Marion County uses CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) as the main reading and language arts instruction. 


    Math- GoMath is the math curriculum our county uses. Your child can access the online resources for Math using the tile titled ThinkCentral located on their MCPS student desktop portal. 


    Science- Stemscopes is our science curriculum. I will have videos and activities for your child to watch and complete using this curriculum. You can access this by clicking on the tile titled Stemscopes on your child's MCPS student desktop portal. 


    Social Studies- Social Studies Weekly is our social studies curriculum. All resources and assignments can be found through accessing this tile on your child's MCPS student desktop portal. 


    I-Ready- Students will be expected to complete 30-60 minutes of I-Ready time a week in Reading and Math. This is a self-leveling program. Each lesson will include time of instruction, practice, and a quiz. Please do not assist your child with the quiz as this will determine if your child needs further instruction. It is recommended to do about 10 minutes of I-Ready Reading and 10 minutes of I-Ready Math each day.