• For Social Studies we will be using Studies Weekly which is located on the student's portal.


    • Students will log onto their portal
    • Click onto Studies Weekly
    • Locate and click on Florida Studies Weekly 4th grade
    • Click onto week assigned
    • Students will read or have it read to them
    • Answer questions at the end of each passage (this will earn them points/coins for game)
    • Students will need to complete the crossword puzzle for a class grade.  Send me a pic of the it completed or email me their answers.
    • Lastly, students will complete the test for a grade 


    For Science we will be using different resources.  Instructions to that resource will be listed on the assignment page.



    Here is some extra work if students want to do some more reading, students may go on Myon and read the following books on the current topics that we are studying.

    Social Studies:

    • Florida by:  Jason Kirchner
    • The City Mayor by:  Jack Manning
    • The State Govenor by:  Jack Manning
    • The U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a New Nation by:  Steven Otfinoski



    • Which Seed is This? by:  Lisa J. Amstutz
    • Buds and Blossoms: A Book About Flowers by:  Susan Blackaby