•  Assignment schedule for Special Area classes

    Special Areas will provide assignments to students.   Refer to the schedule above.

    Please refer to their Webpage for assignments and other information.

    PE:  Suzanne Hawk and Tim Glisson

    Music: Katrina Willis

    Art: Joyce DeJarnett


    Different ways you can log into Class Dojo student accounts

    1. Using the parent account. Log into student account.
    2. Using an individual link provided by the teacher that contains a unique QR code parents can scan as well as a link they can copy and paste into a browser.   (On March 30th, Mrs. Bell sent these codes to the parent-personal emails linked to Class Dojo.)


    Directions to access Think Central:

    Log in to the MCPS Desktop using the student log in.  

    Click on the Think Central tile (you may have to scroll through the tabs at the bottom to find it)

    Click on the “Thing to Do” tab, at the top left-side of the screen

    Click on the first assignment (Ex: 8.1 homework)

    Select the Assignment (blue letters) 

    You may have to select the small blue puzzle piece on the screen and then select, Allow


    Directions to access I-Ready Reading and Math

    Log in to the MCPS Desktop using the student log in.

    Click on the I-Ready tile                                                                          (Please complete 45 minutes in math and 45 in 

    Select the subject                                                                                      reading each week.)

    Select the small icon at the bottom that looks like a notepad

    Navigate the pages using the green arrow 


    Directions for locating a
    book on Myon

    1. Log onto the MCPS student desktop.
    2. Select Library at the top of the screen.
    3. Select the search bar.
    4. Enter the title of the book and select the magnifying glass.
    5. Select the book from the list of books that appear.
    Directions for logging into Brainpopjr (free access)
    1.  Open the Brainpopjr link that is provided on the assignment in the lesson plans
    2.  Log in
         username:  soefirst
         password:   fantastic1