This year in ELA (English Language Arts), we will be covering everything from cursive writing to figurative language.  The students will be studying vocabulary words each week, and then will be tested on Fridays.  We will be learning about parts of speech, main idea, author's purpose, and so much more!  We will also have several chapter books scattered throughout the year.  There will be a lot of reading at home and at school!  Please encourage your child to read each night as well as practice their skills on Kid Biz!

     Social Studiesglobe

    In social studies, we have already begun learning about geography and maps!  We will then move on to Native American tribes, and the 13 colonies.  We also have a big unit on the American Revolution, which includes a living wax museum!  We will also be learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, exploring the west, and citizenship.  We will also have a DBQ each quarter:  Jamestown, Valley Forge, Gold Rush, and Citizens.